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Recognition Walls - Museum-Quality Design

Why Use The StoryWall Company?

Museum-Quality Design

The Idea Library
The  Idea Library is a collection of beautiful modular design recognition walls. So, how do you use it? First, browse The Idea Library and pick a design you like and contact us to discuss. Then, we’ll customize that design with your content and send you a free, no-obligation mockup. Learn More >

File Prep
File prep, the step between design and production, is often overlooked but vital. Without it, even the best design and production can be wasted. That’s why we put every design file through a rigorous flight check before production.

Recogntion Walls - Work the Details Production

Why Use The StoryWall Company?

Work the Details Production

Recognition Walls
Our skilled artisans manufacture your recognition wall. Printing presses are G7-certified for beautiful, spot-on colors. As needed, we contour cut, drill, bevel, and polish. Then your recognition wall is assembled and carefully inspected. Finally, when everything is perfect, we securely pack and ship to you.

Plaques | Dimensional Letters & Logos
Plaque production in Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass, and Aluminum. Plaques can be printed, cast, precision-tooled, and etched. In addition, we produce high-quality metal, plastic, laminated, and illuminated dimensional letters & logos. 

Recognition Walls - Golden Rule Support

Why Use The StoryWall Company?

Golden Rule Support

Easy Communication
We answer our phones (there are no phone mazes). If you send us an email, we respond right away. See For Yourself >

Easy Collaboration
Our easy-to-use Collaboration Center replaces endless emails with one central place to discuss ideas, upload files and review proofs. It’s a cost-effective way to work.  Learn More >

Working With Us Is Easy
We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. It’s a common-sense approach to doing business and, we think, The Golden Rule in practice. Contact Us >

Museum-quality exhibits

The Idea Library

Museum-quality exhibits

It’s a Sure Start and a Museum-Quality Finish

Walt Disney once said, “It’s only when I actually show an idea that I’m able to make progress.” That’s the inspiration behind The Idea Library, a resource designed to make the creative process fast, cost-effective, and perhaps even fun! So, browse The Idea Library, where you’ll find creative design ideas for Donor Walls, Timeline Walls, Walls of Fame, and Office Walls, as well as Recognition Plaques, and Dimensional Letters & Logos. Ready to start a project? Choose an idea from over 100 recognition walls in the library and then contact us for a free, no-obligation mockup!

Funk Recognition Wall

“It was a great pleasure partnering with you and your colleagues to create the stunning Rabbi Julius and Pearl Funk Legacy Gallery at Rutgers Hillel in memory of my parents. From inception, through production, to installation, you and your team were always responsive, creative, efficient and detail-oriented. My family and I are thrilled with the final results!”

Jonathan Funk
Rutgers College ’79