Frequently Asked Questions


Will my brand colors be consistent?
Maintaining the color consistency of your brand is important to you and to us. That is why we are G7 Master Qualified. G7 stands for grayscale plus the seven colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, and Blue. It defines the grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. What that means is that you’ll see consistent color output from all our different printing devices.

What is Sintra?
Sintra is the brand name for a premium PVC product that has been in use for more than 30 years. Sintra has a consistent bright surface for beautiful high-definition printing. In addition, it offers superior dent and scratch resistance, comes in different sizes, and can be contour cut and drilled. We often use Sintra as a light but rigid base for our modular designs.

What is first and second surface printing?
In first surface printing, we print the image directly on the front of the acrylic, creating a matte, non-glare finish. With second surface printing, we print the image on the back of the acrylic. You look through the acrylic, which creates depth and dimension. With second surface printing, the ink is protected behind the acrylic so you can easily clean fingerprints and smudges. We often print using both first and second surface, which creates even more depth and dimension.

What is contour cutting?
Contour cutting is cutting around the edge of an image following the design’s outer edge. Since many of our modular designs have contour cuts, we use state-of-the-art computer-controlled CNC routers and laser cutters to produce precision contour cuts. We can cut various materials, including Sintra, plastic, foam, wood, composites, acrylic, steel, aluminum, and other metal plates.

Packing and Shipping

Your StoryWall Is Carefully and Securely Packaged

How will my StoryWall be packaged?
All StoryWall components are carefully and securely packaged by our experienced production team.

How will my StoryWall be shipped?
The StoryWall is shipped directly to your location using cost-effective Standard FedEx Ground. 

Do you provide tracking numbers?
Yes. You can track your StoryWall from the time it leaves our production facility.

Is a loading dock required?
The standard 6′ x 3′ size means that the typical package weighs around 40lbs. and no loading dock is required.


What’s the best way to handle the StoryWall?
To eliminate fingerprints we suggest that you wear cloth gloves. This is a particularly good idea if your StoryWall is printed first surface.

How high should I hang my StoryWall?
A good rule of thumb is that the midpoint of the panel should be between 57” and 60” from the floor. In rooms with ceilings greater than eight feet, the StoryWall can be hung a little higher.

Is hanging the StoryWall difficult?
No. Installation is similar to hanging a large picture. We assemble most of the StoryWall components at our factory including the hanging cleat which is securely attached to the back of your StoryWall. (See below)

Can you install my StoryWall?
Yes, probably. We have a network of highly qualified installers located throughout the United States.

We are installing the dimensional letters ourselves. Is that difficult?
No. We provide a stencil guide with your dimensional letters so you’ll have perfect letter spacing. Tape the stencil to the wall (We suggest using painter’s tape). Check that the letters are level and positioned correctly, usually centered above your StoryWall. Apply the letters which have a strong adhesive back for easy application. Finally, remove the stencil. All done.

Stencil Guide

How do I install my StoryWall?
1. Install the wall cleat. It’s important to make sure the cleat is level. We provide drywall screws that should be drilled into the drywall. 2. Lift the first panel above the wall cleat. 3. Lower the panel onto the wall cleat. 4. Position the second panel. All done.

StoryWall Installation Instructions