Donor Wall Idea 4
Donor Idea 4 Detail 1
Donor Idea 4
Donor Idea 4 Detail 1
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If one donor wall is good, four donor walls are better. The design features thought-provoking quotes, interesting caption shapes, logos, beautiful typography, and a coordinated color palette. Each panel can stand independently, but grouping donor walls makes an even more compelling argument for donor gifts. 4 Black panels each 24″ x 48″ x .5″ – Flood coat white and print 4 color – Drill holes and insert metal screw guides – Glue and screw hanging cleats to back | Acrylic – 4 – 20″ x 48″ x .25″ Acrylic panels – Print 4 color second surface – Contour cut – Drill holes and attach acrylic panels to sintra with stainless steel standoofs | Inspect, crate, and ship

Donor Wall Idea 4
4 Donor Walls Encourage Future Donations

Museum-Quality Donor Walls are tailored to reflect your brand and seamlessly integrate into your space. Free, No-Obligation Mockup!

Donor Wall Idea 4 Includes

Museum-Quality Design: We begin by adjusting the size to fit your space. Then, we customize the design with your content and branding, including typography and color.  And since we want you to feel comfortable working with The StoryWall Company, we provide a free customized mockup with no obligation. After the mockup is approved, we generate the production-ready digital files that guide production.

Work the Details Production: We offer many high-quality production methods: UV direct on Sintra, Acrylic, and Element Board with steel face, paint and UV Colorlast, dye-sub on fabric and Chromaluxe aluminum, and cast aluminum and Bronze. The choice will depend on your StoryWall location, its need to be updated, and your budget.

Golden Rule Support: Our collaborative, easy-to-work-with approach extends throughout the design and production process. Use our cloud-based proofing and file upload system for stress-free communication. It's simple, effective, and free. Want to talk directly? Email or call 856-818-0198 (and yes, we answer our phones). See for Yourself >