Kiosk Website Idea 4
Kiosk Website Idea 4

Kiosk Website Idea 4

Your StoryWall is all about people. So, consider adding a wall-mounted or free-standing iPad kiosk website. It’s a great way to leverage your StoryWall with the essential details of their stories. We can set up the iPad in secure kiosk mode, so visitors can only view your website. We can also supply free-standing or wall-mounted hardware that will secure your iPad and enhance the design of your StoryWall.

Like this Idea? Here's what you'll get:

Professional Design

We'll Customize This Idea
You put your blood, sweat, and tears into your story. We'll help you show that with a custom, museum-quality wall exhibit that’s an accurate reflection of your efforts.

Free Initial Design Mockup
We use many programs to help bring your story to life: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and WordPress, to name a few. Knowing the programs is important (and we do), but it's our powers of visualization that sets us apart. That's why we offer a free initial design mockup. Want to see? We'll customize this Idea and send you a free, no-obligation mockup. Get Started >

Golden Rule Support

We're Easy to Work with
We're calm, determined, responsive, and easy to work with. In other words, we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. It's a common-sense approach to doing business and, we think, The Golden Rule in practice.  

We're Responsive
When we take on a project, we believe that communication is fundamental to its success. So yes, we answer our phones (no phone mazes). And, if you send us an email, we respond right away. It's like having ready access to your own design and production staff. See for yourself! Contact Us >

Quality Production

We Sweat the Details
your site will be more than beautiful—it is designed from the ground up to be functional and search engine friendly. Your site will be responsive and will look great on computers, tablets, and cell phones! We build web pages and websites in WordPress, the world's most popular and flexible content management system (CMS). We can also create HTML sites.

Hosting Options

Host It Yourself 
We will provide all files so you can upload them to your server. 

We Host for You 
We will upload all files to our server.

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