Corporate Wall Idea 7
Corporate Wall Idea 7 Detail 1
Corporate Wall Idea 7
Corporate Wall Idea 7 Detail 1
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Office Wall Idea 17:
Beautiful Information Wall Attracts Then Gives Details. Free Mockup!

Office Wall Idea 17 exhibit draws your visitors in with an epic 6-foot x 3-foot image and then provides detail with a neat row of smaller supporting pictures/captions as they get closer. We’ll customize the Information Wall for corporations, museums, tourist attractions, government agencies, and non-profits. It’s a large-scale museum-quality exhibit that’s a welcome addition to any high-traffic area. Contact us for your free, no-obligation mockup!

The Modular Design Workflow Is a Fast Start with a Museum-Quality Finish!

Museum Quality Design

We use many programs to help bring your story to life: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and WordPress, to name a few. Knowing the programs is important (and we do), but it's our commitment to helping you visualize that sets us apart.

Free, No-Obligation Mockup
That commitment is why we offer a free, no-obligation mockup with every Modular Design. Want to see how we would customize this Modular Design Ideas for your story? Contact Us >

Once you approve the initial mockup, we show you the final customized design placed on the wall of your facility. When you are satisfied with all aspects of the design, we proceed to production.

Work the Details Production

Perfect File Prep
File prep, the step between design & production, is an oft-overlooked but vital step. Without it, all design and production can be wasted.

StoryWall Production
We print, drill, and contour cut. Next, all components of your StoryWall are assembled and carefully inspected. Finally, when everything is perfect, the StoryWall is securely crated and shipped.

Custom Wall Plaque Production
Frosted or clear acrylic. Cast and precision-tooled bronze, brass, or aluminum in 11 finishes.  

Dimensional Letters & Logos Production
Metal, plastic, laminated, and illuminated.

Golden Rule Support

We're determined but calm, friendly, and easy to work with. In other words, we treat you the way we would want to be treated. It's a common-sense approach to doing business and, we think, The Golden Rule in practice.  

When we take on a project, we believe that communication is fundamental to its success. So yes, we answer our phones (no phone mazes). And, if you send us an email, we respond right away. It's like having ready access to your own design and production staff. See for yourself! Contact Us >

Marketing Support Services
We offer supplemental marketing services such as beautiful logo, print, and web design, cost-effective offset and digital printing, mailing, and rapid deploy displays.

Installation Options

Do It Yourself 

StoryWalls - We designed our StoryWalls for easy installation, similar to hanging a large picture. StoryWall panels typically measure 6 feet x 3 feet and weigh 40lbs. or less. We assemble most of the StoryWall components at our factory, including the hanging cleat, which is securely attached to the back of your StoryWall. Want to see an actual installation? Click Here >

Plaques - Surface mounts, rosettes, garden stake mounts, post stake mounts, post cap mounts, square post side mounts, and square post back mounts.

Dimensional Letters - Stencil mounting patterns are a computer-generated guide for an accurate installation and exact hold locations, every time.

We Install for You 
Don't want to do the installation yourself? No problem. We have a network of highly qualified installers located throughout the United States that can help.