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Donor Wall Ideas FAQ

What information do I provide to get a free, no-obligation mockup?
We will need the following to make a realistic mockup:
The Donor Wall Idea you like
from the Donor Wall Idea Library.
A photo of the wall where the Story Wall will go (a photo from your phone will be OK).
The wall’s dimensions – width x height. We need this for accurate mockup scaling
Your text, photos, and logo. Any additional branding information, such as fonts, Pantone colors, etc., helps customize the Donor Wall Idea.
Your budget. The budget drives many design and production decisions and will determine what display we can realistically manufacture.

How many free mockups can I get?
We will provide one free mockup per project. However, we understand that designing a Story Wall is a give-and-take process, so we welcome suggestions on tweaking and improving the free mockup.

Is the free mockup really no-obligation?
When we say “no obligation,” we mean it. So, if you decide it’s not for you, no problem. We hope to be able to help you next time.

Can I provide a photo of a design I like and get a free, no-obligation mockup?
Probably. Contact us to discuss.

Can we use low-resolution images?
No. Because of the large scale, we need higher-resolution images for your Story Wall (at least 100ppi at 100% scale). However, we often use an AI image scaler to optimize marginal photos. We will let you know if we see a problem with any image.

Can you provide images for my Donor Wall?
Yes. We have access to millions of images. And you can rest easy knowing that every image we provide is high-resolution and royalty-free. Want to search for images yourself? There are many good online sources but we recommend

How should I handle the Donor Wall?
To eliminate fingerprints we suggest that you wear cloth gloves. This is a particularly good idea if your Donor Wall is printed first surface.

Is the installation of the donor wall difficult?
No. Installation is similar to hanging a large picture. We assemble most of the Donor Wall components at our factory including the hanging cleat which is securely attached to the back of your Donor Wall. Learn More >

Can you install my StoryWall?
Yes, probably. We have a network of highly qualified installers located throughout the United States. Contact us to get more information.

What is The StoryWall Company Workflow?
We want you to be comfortable working with The StoryWall Company. So, for starters, we provide a free, no-obligation mockup customized for your organization. Upon approval of the mockup, we’ll send you a detailed quote. After you look that over and approve, we create the production-ready files. After approval of the production-ready files, payment is due pior to the start of production. We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. After payment, your donor wall goes into production which normally takes 2-3 weeks.