Virtual Proofing

StoryWall Virtual Proofing is
Collaborative Discussions, Accurate Annotations
and Comments, and Quick Version Reviews!

tooltip text

Select the drawing tool you want and then draw directly on the proof.

Making Comments

Type your comments directly into the comment box. Click Post to save.

Uploading Files

Select the paper clip icon located at the bottom of the comment box. Browse to the file you want to upload and click upload. The file will be stored in your comment box.

Downloading Your Proof

Open the left side menu.
Click Download Your Proof.

How do I access the proof?

When we create the proof we will send you an email. Simply click on the link or paste the URL into your browser and start proofing. No login or password is required.  

How do I add more people to the proof?

Let us know anyone you want to review the proof and we will send them a link. 

Can I compare proof versions?

Yes. Compare versions side-by-side to quickly review changes and comments from version to version.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Collaborate online from any device. No downloads or installs are required.

Is it secure?

Yes. We protect your work—and your data—with SOC2 enterprise-grade security.